Your sources of inspiration

Inspiration is the magic touch that comes and goes … as they say “Fito & amp; Fitipaldis ”in his song” comes and goes “about luck: it moves. It is uncontrollable, and so necessary for the artist, that his only consolation or solution is to look for her tirelessly.

And the funny thing about it is that sometimes it is searched and not found, and suddenly one day that magician named Inspiration comes and touches you with his magic bar, just like that, when you least expect it.

That is why you have to be prepared to receive it … and how can one prepare to receive it?

The way to prepare to receive it is in the act of searching for it without knowing that it will come to you. And when I talk about the search without rest, I don’t necessarily talk about action, because it can be a search in non-action, but in constant attention… (this, which seems contradictory and complex to understand, I explain later).

Why how elusive inspiration is, it is very important to know the sources of “Breath of the artist”.



Everything around us is in itself a source of inspiration, the world that we capture and perceive with our senses and, & nbsp; also with other forms of biologically impossible perception for us, thanks to technology, it inspires us. The key is to observe, to pay attention. The colors, the forms, the movements of the landscape itself and other living beings, the light, the sounds, the smells, the energy that is perceived, everything that we can consciously and unconsciously grasp will inspire us if we are receptive.

At the time of create a slow movement or dance figure and & nbsp; naturally attentive to a chameleon, the opening in the light of a flower, the sway of the waves of the sea, or the movement to compass and synchronized of a flock of birds, to put only some of the thousands and thousands of possible examples, it shows us that Nature is dancing constantly.

la danza está en la naturaleza


Observe others and / or yourself on any given day. Get in and out of the car, open a window, the gesture of greeting someone, crossing the road, cleaning some windows … any activity as trivial and “naive” that results in itself contains a load of gestures, expression and movements that studying them carefully can help you, and much, as a source of inspiration when creating your dance or telling a story while dancing.

Hence, the dance itself has had its origins and continues to retain that value as a means of transmitting the stories of a people; A clear example is in Hula and Ori Tahiti, dances whose main purpose is to transmit knowledge and tell stories, from generation to generation, through the movement of the hands and the body in accompaniment of the basic musical instruments and the mele, or song. I discovered Hula and Ori Tahiti years ago and the satisfaction of practicing these dances lies in addition to their own aesthetic beauty, in the power granted by telling stories, talking with their hands and body, hence their ancestral strength and Her beauty.


Art itself is a source of inspiration for art. This is clear, to dance we can be inspired by other dances, in other dances and shows that have already been created, we can be inspired by a painting, a sculpture, a book, a movie, etc. We can and must rely on art itself to continue creating art. This is probably one of the most used sources of inspiration in dance, because it adds and enriches, since in most cases dance shows are inspired by universal characters from literature, or works of art from any other discipline, and this implies an added cultural value.


A person or group of people can inspire you to perform and create dance. Either because of its originality or peculiarity when behaving, moving, walking, communicating, interacting, & nbsp; Any person in your environment can be your source of inspiration, so do not discard anything or anyone about your need to be inspired, because if the person is not indifferent, maybe you will get that magic touch you need to create. Observe, without limits or mental prejudices, that is the key.

Which is the most important source of inspiration?


I believe that This is the most fruitful source of inspiration, and yet the least we search At the beginning of the article I already introduced this concept, when I talk about the search without action, when I speak of non-action. I’m not Contrary to the above, the action is a source of inspiration, but not Action is even more. What happens is that it is a source of inspiration to the that we resort little to being apparently unattractive: & nbsp; requires a lot of calm, requires disconnecting from the mundane, requires inner peace, requires isolation from noise. Going to countercurrent of our rhythm of life.

The Meditation, if it leads us to that silence and calm, is a fabulous source of inspiration Creativity is in all of us, in our interior, and in order for it to emerge, to emerge, there has to be space … it has to have the free access road, and that is achieved when we clean that space, when we eliminate or separate the objects that hinder this path. Probably the most magical creations, more great, that have more in the heart of humans have sprouted from that silence, from that nothing. They arrived because yes, but Because there was that emptiness.

It’s curious what happens with art … and with life itself. First you have to learn, to then “unlearn” and thus be able to move forward.

Have i inspired? Surely yes…

Tell me what has been your most unexpected source of inspiration. Share it here in the comments

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