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Your sources of inspiration

Inspiration is the magic touch that comes and goes … as they say “Fito & amp; Fitipaldis ”in his song” comes and goes “about luck: it moves. It is uncontrollable, and so necessary for the artist, that his only consolation or solution is to look for her tirelessly. And the funny thing about it is […]

5 keys to choose your dance teacher

Most of the time, when we decide to go to an Academy or Dance Center, either in person or online, we do not question all our needs, only the most visible at the conscious level. If it is a physical place, we seek the proximity to our home or ease of access, the schedules that […]

Who is Mahmoud Reda

The figure of Mahmoud Reda is unprecedented in the world of Egyptian art and Oriental Dance His work is a window into the world of Egyptian culture, especially with regard to its music and dances and popular customs. The unquestionable courage and talent of Mahmoud Reda as a dancer is as important as his scientific […]

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