About me

I’m Rocío. I love dance, I love to share.

My path has never been easy, but my perseverance and passion for dance have led me to dance in such emblematic places as The Library of Alexandria (Egypt), the Greek Theater of Rome (Italy), Madrid (Spain), Argentina, England , etc.

I am the author of several Dance Guides and Manuals.

I have created and directed numerous successful shows.

A lifetime of dancing and more than 12 years of teaching experience in this field support me.

I am an expert and innovator in Arabic Flamenco, Neoandalusí Dance and Oriental Dance, as well as a teacher of Ori Tahiti and Hula.

I was born in Almería, Spain..   

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Because for me your achievements are my achievements. Because I love to share my knowledge, because I want to help you.
More than 30 years dancing to the public and learning from the best dance teachers worldwide have given me a very valuable base, with which I have been able to create my own dance steps, my own teaching methods, new concepts of interpretation and help for learning and expression, new dance universes.


Musicals have always been my favorite film genre, no matter how many hours I spent watching musicals, I didn’t get tired of it. When I watched Marisol’s films, I imagined myself like her, climbed on a table, slapping before the look of admiration of others. So much so that one day, being very small, I wanted to feel like her and neither short nor lazy I climbed on a table on the terrace of my house to sneak. That DM board table could not stand my strength and broke under my dancing feet … the shock was great, and the scratches on my skin too, but the emotion I felt playing the scene of that artist I admired so much was worth it. A short time later I was already dancing on real scenes. My mother, tireless when it came to helping her children, was the one who sewed for many years the costumes with which I danced, barely having time for her, stealing hours at dawn, at her own necessary rest. I can never compensate for all the love of my parents. I can only thank you so much effort sharing my successes, which are also yours.

I do not conceive to live without dancing, I am always learning, researching, dancing.

I started training at a young age in Andalusian folklore, and in flamenco. As an adult I discovered oriental dance, and from the first moment I knew that I wanted to merge those two dances that I had fallen in love with, but for that I had to be patient and learn a lot from both. When I felt ready, a few years later, the opportunity came to my life to investigate the Arab flamenco fusion with the help of a flamenco dance genius: Candy Román (member of the Antonio Gades Company for 30 years), that marked a before and after in my career.

In Oriental and Neoandalusí Dance I was lucky to train professionally with great teachers such as Nesma, Narjess Montaser, Munique Neith, Mercedes Nieto, Raqia Hassam, Farida Fahmi, Saida, Jillina, etc. and legendary teachers such as Mahmoud Reda, Yoursy Sharif, Momo Kadous , and Mohamed Kazafy among others. To all my teachers I am very grateful.

With two great teachers:
Mahmoud Reda and Nesma

Auditorium Library of Alexandria, Egypt

2 years old…

My first steps in the Arab flamenco fusion, with the great
Candy Román, and the beautiful Marian Gonzalez and Lidia Plaza, clothed by the mantle of La Alcazaba de Almeria, better
impossible scenario.

Cambridge (England) 2018

My story is exciting, full of enriching experiences and successes.
How is your story now?
Do you feel you can’t find your way in the dance?
Do you feel that you do not fit into your dance environment?
Are you hungry to learn, are you stuck in your creativity?
Don’t you have local access to the teacher who can give you the level of teaching you need?
Do you long to discover new worlds of dance?
However you want your story to be, I can help you write it.

I have been interviewed several times by

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