Make dance

Your way of life

Wellcome to your Academy

I’m like you. Dancer since I started walking. I have always been training and dancing before the public until, at 19, I experienced a period in my life of 3 years in which, due to personal circumstances, I had to stop dancing. That time helped me to become truly aware of how important dance is for me.

Since that time, my life has been a wonderful encounter with dance (flamenco, oriental dance, neoandalusí, hula and ori tahiti); a growth that has led me to achieve achievements that seemed unimaginable to me, such as being part of several International Oriental Dance Companies, dancing in great Theaters of the World, teaching and sharing my knowledge and experiences with other dancers, participating in important Dance Festivals, create my own shows, create Arab Flamenco, and, above all, feel the growth and achievements of my students as a gift that gives me dance and life.

I can help you so that your path in dance is also full of beautiful gifts.

My name is Rocío Rodríguez. I dance since I was 5 years old. I have more than 30 years of experience on stage, and more than 12 as a dance teacher. I am an expert in Arabic Flamenco, I have created a new universe of dance through my own method of fusion of Flamenco with Raks Sharki (Oriental Dance). I have written numerous articles and dance guides. I have devised and directed a large number of shows and events successfully.

There are teachers who teach and teachers who also convey feeling
Thanks you Rocío

Angy Al-Bahr (Spain)

I can only say thank you for all these years teaching me, inspiring me and helping me to grow. I hope they are many more

Angeles Prados (Spain)