EL ARTE DE FUSIONAR EN LA DANZA: Guía práctica para El Artista que desea crear un Nuevo Universo Dancístico

If you dance and are looking for new forms of expression, this guide can be for you a great help tool to enrich you as a dancer. In it you will find, in addition to the basic concepts and analysis necessary for your creation process to have a high result, a proposal of steps to follow, tricks and exercises to motivate you and that you go even further with your dance, no matter what styles you look for fuse.
This guide is the result of a lifetime dancing, and more than 7 years investigating the fusion of Flamenco with Oriental Dance; This personal research work has led me to discover the fundamental keys to create a harmonic fusion, to create a new Dancing Universe, whatever your style. I want to share with you this teaching that life gave me on my way, because I know it can be very useful. Enjoy reading, enjoy dancing.