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There is a very positive connection between our immune system and the practice of Dances such as Arab dances and Ori Tahiti.

The immune system is the set of biological elements and processes of our organism that allow us to maintain internal balance or homeostasis against external aggressions, whether they are biological in nature (pathogens) or physico-chemical (such as contaminants or radiation), and internal (example: cancer cells).

The intestinal immune system constitutes the largest and most complex part of the immune system. It receives a huge load of pathogens daily and is able to distinguish between invasive and other harmless pathogens from food and commensal bacteria.

The intestine has defense mechanisms that limit the access of harmful substances to the body. This intestinal barrier is made up of various elements such as pancreatic digestive enzymes, the intestinal epithelium and the bacteria that make up the intestinal flora.

The intestine is constantly exposed to a high antigenic load. But it has an effective and adequate response capacity to the type of stimulus, that is, it slows down invasive pathogens and induces oral tolerance in response to innocuous antigens, coming from the diet and from the intestinal epithelium itself.


And…  How can we care  and improve for the function of our digestive system?

One way is the food

And if you want advice on this topic, contact me through my website, because in my ebook “7 keys to avoid injuries” and that I give to all the people you contact, I have a chapter dedicated to this issue of food, which I have developed thanks to the advice of experts in this matter.

The other way is:

Through exercise the movement of the intestines is accelerated and digestion is facilitated. In general, exercising daily benefits intestinal transit by activating the muscles of the central body, visceral motility and fluid circulation (blood and lymph).

The combination of cardiovascular training (aerobic exercise), abdominal and hip mobility exercises activates the belly muscles and helps the movement of the intestines.

And… do you know what is the most fun  and complete way to move your hip?… I’m sure you know the answer: Eastern Dance, belly dance, arabic dances or Raks Sharki ! ¡¡and of course,  Ori Tahití!!

There is no better activity than you need to move the hip, and not only its structure but the internal muscles, and therefore, move our intestines. In addition to being an exercise that can be practiced by ANYONE, regardless of age or physical condition, in addition to being a fun exercise that encourages and expands the emotion of joy, balance and reconciliation with your appearance and your body.

Because, in addition, there is a direct relationship between certain emotions and intestinal health, but that is a topic that I will cover in another article.

There are many benefits and advantages of dancing Ori Tahiti or Oriental Dance, if you want to go deeper into this topic read my article TOP TEN OF THE BENEFITS OF PRACTICING ORIENTAL DANCE, which are also mostly applicable to Ori Tahiti.

For this reason, in these times when it is essential to be strong, not only against pathogens, but also psychologically … I encourage you to discover and practice some of these Dances, and even if you are locked up, and you cannot go out, it does not matter, At you have courses with many hours of online classes that you can enjoy whenever you want, with freedom of schedule.

Information:Revista Española de Enfermedades Digestivas versión impresa ISSN 1130-0108 Rev. esp. enferm. dig. vol.100 no.1 Madrid ene. 2008

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