Do you impress or thrill?

Do you impress or thrill? When a person dedicates herself to dancing and develops that artistic facet, over time and over the years, she discovers her own personality as a dancer. The being that has been inside her since she started walking shows itself, little by little, in all its facets, with all its nuances […]


There is a very positive connection between our immune system and the practice of Dances such as Arab dances and Ori Tahiti. The immune system is the set of biological elements and processes of our organism that allow us to maintain internal balance or homeostasis against external aggressions, whether they are biological in nature (pathogens) […]

The hidden language of dance

The hidden language of dance If dance is not the ultimate human expression of nonverbal language, it’s very close to it. A dancer, through movements, gestures and attitude, will be able to completely undress his soul without needing to say any words. She/he will tell you anything in silence. Dance has always been a way […]

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