Arabic Flamenco 2 Your New Dance Universe

Perfect yourself in Arabic Flamenco by the hand of an Expert and Creator of this New Dancing Universe. It is necessary to first do the Arabic Flamenco Training 1. Otherwise, contact me and tell me your situation. With this training you will finally have all the tools to create and dance as you never imagined. You will reach an Expert level in the Arab Flamenco Fusion. At the end of the training you will obtain a Certificate that can be of Excellence if you make the final evaluation.

Choose the modality that best suits you:


For you they are:

  • 20 training videos of approximately 30 minutes each, including fusion technique, steps, combinations, level 2 choreography, level 2 elements management (more than 10 hours of intensive audiovisual content)
  • Expert agenda. In pdf.
  • My support and personalized follow-up, via email and / or whatsapp, for 1 year from your start date.
  • Certificate at the end of the training. Possibility of Excellence when passing the final evaluation.
  • Access to the private and voluntary Facebook Group for as long as you wish.


For you it’s all of the above (basic mode) and also:

  • Two face-to-face dance classes online, lasting one hour each, to be enjoyed at any time during the first 2 years since your beginning.
  • My support and personalized follow-up via email and / or whatsapp for 2 years from your beginning.
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