Oriental dance 2 Growth and Evolution

Become a Dream Oriental Ballerina. If you have an initial or medium level in Oriental Dance and want to continue advancing this is the path to travel … Great growth and evolution await you. This training will give you the equivalent of 4 years of classes in Oriental Dance in a School. At the end, your level will be advanced and as an Oriental Dancer you will have taken a great leap. You will obtain a Certificate that can be of Excellence if you make the final evaluation.

Choose the modality that best suits you:


For you they are:

  • 20 training videos of approximately 30 minutes each, which include technique, combinations, choreography, handling of advanced elements: crótalos, wings of Isis, melaya … veil and cane level 2 (more than 10 intensive hours of audiovisual content)
  • Agenda (history of oriental dance 2, musical rhythms 2, styles, improvisation, scenic resources …) in pdf.
  • My support and personalized follow-up, via email and / or whatsapp, for 1 year from your start date.
  • Certificate at the end of the training. Possibility of Excellence when passing the final evaluation.
  • Access to the private and voluntary Facebook Group for as long as you wish.


For you it’s all of the above (basic mode) and also:

  • Two face-to-face dance classes online, lasting one hour each, to be enjoyed at any time during the first 2 years since your beginning.
  • My support and personalized follow-up via email and / or whatsapp for 2 years from your beginning.
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