Oriental dance 1 the awakening of the goddess

Discover the Oriental dancer in you.

Get started in this magical and ancestral dance that will bring countless benefits to your life. This training will give you the knowledge equivalent to the first two years of Oriental Dance in a Dance School. If you want to start and acquire a medium level, or improve and complement your basic technique of Oriental Dance, if you want to Awaken the Goddess in you, this is your way. At the end of the training you will obtain a Certificate that can be of Excellence if you make the final evaluation.

Choose the modality that best suits you:


For you they are:

  • 20 training videos of approximately 30 minutes each, which include technique, combinations, choreography, Veil and stick handling  level 1, folklore level 1 (more than 10 intensive hours of audiovisual content)
  • Agenda (history of oriental dance, musical rhythms, etc. Level 1) in pdf.
  • My support and personalized follow-up, via email and / or whatsapp, for 1 year from your start date.
  • Certificate at the end of the training. Possibility of Excellence when passing the final evaluation.
  • Access to the private Facebook Group of students of the course, volunteer and for as long as you want.


For you it’s all of the above (basic mode) and also:

  • Two face-to-face dance classes online, lasting one hour each, to be enjoyed at any time during the first 2 years since your beginning.
  • My support and personalized follow-up via email and / or whatsapp for 2 years from your beginning.
Primera alumna de Danza Oriental 1
This beautiful woman is Ana María, first student of my Online Training in Oriental Dance 1. This is her testimony:

“I am sure that there are many women who would love to learn to dance Belly Dance, but as one of the many purposes or dreams we have, they are abandoned due to lack of the precious but scarce TIME. So this online method that Rocío offers it is ideal to be able to achieve it.It is true that a priori learning on the Internet can be abstract.But as a student of the Oriental Dance course 1, I can assure you that she is FULLY EFFECTIVE.In addition Rocío is an ideal professional for dance , which I admire; she has something special as a person and she knows how to convey the attitude necessary to LEARN ENJOYING, so you LIVE THE MOTIVATION and not the obligation of learning.

I love to put my laptop in that hour that I choose in my own house and let myself be enveloped by the spell of the dance. And with Rocío I have achieved it. I give Rocío my congratulations first for the courage to have created a course like this, second for having those innate qualities that nature has provided as beauty, sweetness, intelligence, sympathy, sensuality and gift of communication. Third, I congratulate you for the investment of time you have dedicated so that today you are the piece of PROFESSIONAL you are.

Very happy and grateful to belong to your group of students.

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